Monday, April 9, 2012

Motion Sensor Showerhead

Idea Generation: A motion sensor showerhead will help to reduce the amount of water wasted while showering.

Concept Development and Testing: The motion sensor showerhead will be very affordable and will be able to be installed by the average consumer. It will have an option to turn off the motion sensor for those that prefer to leave the water running while showering. I surveyed two families, 7 individuals total, and 4 of them indicated that they felt the motion sensor showerhead would be beneficial and save water.

Marketing Strategy Development: The target market for the motion sensor showerhead will be green individuals wishing to make saving water easier on themselves. Regular showerheads range in price anywhere from $20 to $35. The motion sensor showerhead will be sold at a retail price of roughly $24. In the first six months, the aim will be to sell 15,000 motion sensor showerheads. In the first year, the aim will be to sell 40,000 motion sensor showerheads.

Business Analysis: Cost of the motion sensor showerhead is based on the selling price of $24. The materials are inexpensive and readily available. Focus will be on meeting sales expectations and turning a profit while providing the consumer with a valuable product.

Product Development: A prototype of the motion sensor showerhead will be developed and used in a shower to test for any potential problems, including those that could be harmful to the consumer. The goal is to ensure that the motion sensor showerhead is safe for all consumers to use.

Test Marketing: A short test marketing period will be used to gauge consumer interest in the motion sensor showerhead. The company can run advertisements in an effort to entice green individuals to purchase this new water saving product. However, allowing time for competitors to pull ahead is unacceptable. Test marketing for this product needs to be effective and efficient.

Commercialization: If sales are as expected and the motion sensor showerhead is popular during the test marketing stage, it will be released fully into the market.


  1. have you made them? do you have them for sale?

  2. has anything happened with this? was the product ever made and distributed? I love the idea, mainly because it was something I had thought of myself. I would love to know if it has been patented, or not.